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SR Windows & Glass is a local family owned window and glass company in Phoenix, Arizona. The company provides glass repair, replacement and installation services to Maricopa County through a team of expert glaziers. A comprehensive list of the residential and commercial glass and window products and services are detailed below.

Professional Glazing Services

The glaziers at SR Windows & Glass provide an essential service to both residential and commercial customers. From new construction to renovation window installation and replacement, the service is designed to make it easier to keep buildings well protected. New windows can be installed when handling a home or commercial building renovation project. The process is simple and it involves the removal of external materials on the fixture. Doing so exposes the studs.

The contractor or glazier measures the installation accurately to ensure superior workmanship. Replacement windows or retrofit windows are ideal for any home or commercial building with studs and other exterior features that are still in good condition. They are also a viable option when there are budget or time constraints.

The windows eliminate the need to remove exterior materials while preparing for installation. These variants are measured to fit snugly on the existing opening. The approach has been shown to save a significant amount of money in labor costs. Replacement windows are available in two main variants: flush fin (also called Z-bar) and block frame.

Flush fin replacement windows are typically fitted on buildings with aluminum frames. In addition, the exterior is usually made of masonry or stucco. Z-bar windows are characterized by a large exterior flange, which hides the existing frame.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows are designed to lower energy bills while providing much-needed protection. Owners of commercial buildings and residential properties can find different types of energy-efficient units from a local window supplier. It is possible to improve the condition of existing fixtures by fitting storm windows.

Energy efficiency can also be achieved by using a wide variety of treatments or coverings, including weatherstripping and caulking. Storm windows have been shown to minimize air leakage and boost interior comfort for all occupants.

Suppliers offer energy-efficient windows, such as awning, casement, hopper and fixed. These types of windows provide varying levels of energy efficiency based on how they function and air leakage rates.

– Single- and double-sliding — these windows typically slide horizontally but they are known for higher air leakage rates when compared to other variants.
– Awning — provides significantly lower leakage rates, which translates to improved energy efficiency than sliding windows. They prevent air from escaping by pressing tightly against the window frame.
– Hopper — these variants come with a sash that closes air pockets by pressing against the frame.
– Fixed — provides an airtight protection because the panes do not open.

Services Provided by SR Windows & Glass

Window repair contractors provide a wide variety of services, including installation, repair and the replacement of windows and doors. They can handle jobs involving the installation of energy-efficient windows. Working with the professionals allows building owners to obtain expert advice on installation, window repair and replacement options.

Contractors have experience handling caulking and weatherstripping work. They can also fit, repair or replace sliding glass doors and glass repair. Customers can choose the ideal window from numerous styles, including awning, double-hung, fixed, casement and hopper.

Installation by Professional Glaziers

Glaziers are qualified to handle window replacement, installation and repair on residential and commercial properties. They can install dual pane and single pane units with ease. Customers can count on these professionals to deliver quality workmanship when installing large glass panels in office buildings or smaller windows in residential properties.

From installing and repairing glass tub enclosures to working on glass shower doors, glaziers provide practical solutions to any window requirements. They achieve the objective using different types of tools, including bevels, cutting oil, cutting blades, measuring equipment, pry bars and more.

Glaziers are trained to work according to specifications or blueprints. They can fasten glass onto frames and sashes using a wide variety of fasteners, including clips and moldings. The have the ability to cut glass with precision based on specific measurements.

Homeowners can count on the professionals to add weather seal or putty with the aim to seal joints on pane edges. Customers can hire glaziers to remove broken glass in preparation of the window’ installation process.

Commercial Storefront Windows and Glass Doors

Window installation contractors can fit different types of glass on commercial properties, including restaurants, office buildings and retail outlets. They use glass made from high-quality materials to install glass entry doors. Well chosen units can reduce energy costs and improve interior comfort.

Tempered glass is widely used in commercial applications and may be required by law. It provides equal parts aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. In addition, this type of glass is designed to improve heat and noise insulation, which contributes to the quality of the interior space. It is stronger than glass used in residential applications.

Laminated glass, on the other hand, provides superior protection in the event of a man made or natural disaster. It comes with two panes, which are joined by a thick plastic glued between them.




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