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All City Towing Phoenix provides towing services to the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Phoenix towing is provided for any type of car, truck, SUV and heavy duty transportation vehicles. We even tow motorcycles, RVs, Motorhomes and Buses. All City Towing Phoenix has the largest fleet of heavy duty towing recovery vehicles and can handle any size towing job.

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    Dear All City Towing,
    Just wanted to be sure you knew about the professionalism and kindness of one of your employees. I don’t know her last name, but her first is Jessica, and she was extremely helpful and compassionate in a time of great stress. My teenage daughter had just been involved in an accident and had her vehicle towed to your facility. When I called to find out what to do, Jessica was able to walk me through all the steps I needed to take (including faxing me the necessary form—twice!). She did this all with empathy and knowledge. Many thanks to her for her help!
    Additionally, I was walked through your yard by RC to get personal property from the car. He, too, was incredibly kind and helpful.
    Thanks for hiring such great people! Keep it up!

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    August 29, 2012 my vehicle was impounded by Scottsdale police and sent to your lot located at 261 E. 10th Drive. Upon taking the necessary steps to get my vehicle released and heading to your location (on the same day) I was instructed by the female releasing my vehicle in Scottsdale that it was located at your other location 922 E Gilbert Dr. I arrived at this location at 4:45, spoke with the lady and gentleman working inside, where I was informed I was in fact at the wrong place. They said they would call over to the 10th Drive location and tell them I was on my way. We drove faster than we probably should have to make it time. Unfortunately we pulled up at 5:02. Another group of people were walking out and as I was grabbing for the door it shut and was locked. Now, I completely understand you have business hours in place for a reason but it really does speak volumes about a company and their staff that would refuse to help. I myself work in customer service and would never consider closing the door in a person’s face that I could help in anyway. I immediately called the after-hours number @5:04 in hopes they would be able to have the lady inside help me. Of course I was told no, they closed at 5 and I would need to wait for an authorized driver. I sat on your curb and watched your receptionist leave 15 minutes later. I continued to sit there until 6:25 when a driver finally arrived to process my payment and give me my car. That took about 10 minutes.


    Was it just for the extra $60.00 fee? I would have gladly paid that just to not sit outside for another hour and an half after an already emotionally draining day.

    How refreshing it must be to have city contracts so the need to treat “the little person” right is not an issue. Sometimes doing the right thing is worth more than 10 minutes of your time. It’s a shame that is no longer the case.

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    We were towed due to HOA at 2am in the morning from in front of our home, your staff was professional, courtesy, caring understanding and at know just doing your job we appreciate your kindness and understanding. Thank you.

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    What A sham of a company, the city of Scottsdale should not be doing business with these crooks. No oversite.

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All City Towing – Phoenix, AZ

All City Towing

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